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Began noticing issues in Jan/Feb with several "attacks" that really represented a very upset stomach, bloating, etc. Would last several hours and then go away. Eventually began thinking it was gallbladder at which time they all disappeared. Flash forward to late June and two nights of major attacks (including the "between the shoulder blades" pain) which sent me to my primary care md. He was out so they sent me to the ER where I had an ultrasound showing absolutely no stones. Set me up for the HIDA test which I had last Friday.

The dr. called today and said "there was some abnormality" and my result was 9.2. My dh had this years ago and his result was 13 and he immediately had his gb out (ended up having pancreatic issues that were really causing his attacks, but obviously the gb wasn't functioning properly). I have an appt to see my primary care next Monday where I think I'll be referred to the surgeon. I'm ok with having it out as it has gotten progressively worse and I never want to repeat the weekend I had in June.

In the meantime, I'm on Aciphex which is doing an *excellent* job of keeping me from feeling badly. Has anyone else taken this with success? I'm scheduled to be gone mid-July and would like to put this off until late July - is this medicine giving me a false sense of security in thinking I can make it?

How bad is a 9? What is the scale? Is this thing working at all? I've done some searches but can't find what the "normal" range for results is. I'm just curious if surgery is going to be the absolute recommendation at this level?