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Your doctor sounds like he is making a great treatment plan for you.
Aciphex is AWESOME.. it is the only medicine that controls my acid reflux, you'll find on medrol, it gives you awful acid reflux, but aciphex will help soo much.
Flonase is great 2, my personal fav for nasal steroid sprays.
Allegra is great, I would still be on it but it's 2 big 4 me when my allergies are acting up & my throat swells up shut, Clarinex's tiny pills are a much more practical choice.
You sound like you are on the right track. You may be on Flonase for years, it happens, i've been on it for almost 3 years now.
BTW don't get allergy testing for at least another 2 months i'd say... otherwise the results may be kinda skewed from the medrol.
Prednisone(Medrol) can give you cold sores if you ever get them, along w/ many other side effects, but their mostly temporary, just take the next few days off & lay in bed.