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fall & winter are TERRIBLE times for me.. morning attacks, chronic bronchitis, all kinds of respiratory infections, etc.. I do boost my meds, my inhaled steroids usually from Advair 100/50 to 250/50 & often 500/50. I also take Singulair, which I don't take year round. I keep a bottle of prednisone laying around for asthma & my nebulizer set up next 2 my bed along with my inhaler enxt 2 my pillow hehe. Often the asthma problems/medication gives me acid reflux so I take Aciphex also to control that. Also have Tessalon perles & codeine for coughing, and the best is a warm mist vaporizer to control coughign & loosen up my lungs. But usualyl that all isn't enough.. that's the best we've found so far..