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It could very well be the acid esophagus acting up again but the differential diagnosis between GERD and ANGINA can be a tough one.
The BIG difference is that angina almost always gets worse with exercise and abates with rest in a very short time.
Angina more often causes shortness of breath and running out of air when talking but GERD CAN cause this.

Do a 15 minute jog and stop at the first sign of pain increase...does the pain stop in 5 minutes?

If so see a doctor and get a cardiac workup- you're suffereing ischemia (heart is being deprived of food and oxygen). Don't settle for just ECG and BP measurement.

You can rule out GERD at home with a couple weeks of Prilosec, or (Zantac, or Nexium, or Aciphex...yada, yada.)
If the acid killers don't help you, then you need at least a stress test with nuclear scan to check out your heart's internal circulation.