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Can you feel like burping with angina? Yes sometimes.

I really think that very often angina and GERD tend to go together and it can be difficult deciding which is causing pain.

To help with a differential diagnosis:
1. If you get the pain on an empty stomach after exercise, it's probably angina.
2. If you can stop the pain by chewing 3 TUMS and drinking a glass of water, it's probably GERD.

[quote]My concern is this: in the past 10 months I have had 3 episodes where I thought my chest was going to explode. I felt a tremendous pressure start to build up which felt like it was going up into my neck which lasted (at the longest for 45 mins). There was no pain in arms, no cold sweats or mostly anything I hear about when people talk about heart attacks so I and my GP put it down to esophageal reflux. However, I'm now concerned that these were heart attacks.

THAT, my friend sounds like angina. The LONG one COULD have been a heart attack but that would have shown up on your ECG. Let's put it down to a long bout of UNSTABLE angina.

You are getting the right treatment (calcium channel blockers) BUT you need to go the next step, catheter angiography. I am assuming that your stress test did NOT include a heart scan with nuclear markers? If so, then you might want that done before the catheter...but personally, I think you are getting the catheter sooner or later anyway.
If you have any bockages, an angioplasty might be your answer.

If you think the whole thing might be BERD, then a couple months on an acid pump blocker like Prilosec, Nexium, or Aciphex will rule it out (or in.) Of course you can have BOTH (like me mum did :D)