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I've been fighting acid reflux since August, had the endoscopy done in Sept which showed Barrett's non cirular. I've tried prevaced, prilosev, aciphex, protonix and now nexium, nothing has helped to compensate for their high cost. I don't want to have to have the surgery which is next if this doesn't work. Yesterday I went out and bought Yogi Tea digestion aid, drank three cups throughout the day and today it is 90% better than when I was taking the pills. Stuff tastes like crap but I drank it anyway, I'm desperate for this to end, I already have barret's esophagus without the cell changes and I want to keep it that way. So I will see how this goes, I will drink more tomorrow, since I was feelin so much better today I went crazy with the New Year junk foods and Im sure it will flare up again. you can buy this stuff at any health food section of the grocery or health food store, comes in individual tea bags.