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I am planning on starting to excercise after New Years, with all of the
Holiday stuff going on its hard to work out and eat right.

As for the test I had that I said was OK was a Heart Scan which shows calcium build up. That is the one they said I had a slim chance of a heart attack. The EKG came out good but I didnt put any weight on it.

As for the Heartburn - it all started a few years ago. I eat VERY spicy foods, nothing really bothers me so the spicier the better. Cyenne pepper sauce on hamburgers, chili peppers on pizza, jalepeno's straight, you name it I get the hottest stuff and put it on everything. Even eat habenaro's from time to time.

I am pretty sure that is what it is, since I have taken Prilosec it has gotten better and now im on Aciphex. I mainly only have pains now at night, occasionally during the day. No pains with exersion.

What about the power protein diet or the bios life 2, read that on here somwhere. Any good?