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(I had posted this in another forum but wanted your insight as well, if this doesnt sound like heartburn.)

I am hoping this is related to heartburn of some sort.
I am 34, overweight and have a strong love for the spiceiest
food known to man.......which I have mostly given up the last
couple years. 5 years ago I started getting stabbing pains in my chest
at night and was crapping my pants over it. I went and had a CT scan
and it came out good. The doc said it was probably heartburn. I stopped eating the crazy stuff I was putting down and it pretty much went away with a few episodes. Lately it has come back and seems worse, I acctually called my doc after hours at home and told her what was up. I believe it was heartburn and made worse with some sort of panic attack thinking it was heart related.

Last week I had blood taken and an EKG which came out good except for cholesterol being a little high. But I am still worried that its not all heartburn. I am on Aciphex and seems to help.

I mostly notice the pains at rest and once in a while during the day. Its pains in the center of my chest and sometimes to the right or left. Also a sharp pain once in a while on my left side rib cage. I never really have anything come up in my throat, but do have a burning compressed feeling in my chest at times. The thing I am most worried about it the sharp pains.

From what I have read sharp pains are a symptom of heartburn, and I dont feel any pains during excersion. I would assume that after trying to dislodge a 400 lb four wheeler from the mud taking everything I had to get it out would have caused chest pains if heart related.

I would appreciate some insight as to the types of pains typical with heartburn or GERD ect....Also what kinds of other test you would recommend.

If you need to know more about tests or myself please ask.

Hey Kevin - you and I sound somewhat alike. I too am on Aciphex once a day. I had some heart problems alittle while ago and now have to watch the bad fats in stuff I eat (trans, saturated etc.). I stay away from about all oils except olive oil. I don't eat foods that have been deep fried (like fench fries) or battered foods that are deep fat fried. The reason for me telling you this is because of doing these things I now take my Aciphex once in awhile. What part of these changes caused this I don't know. But you might want to experiment and see if this helps you.