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I didn't see any place on the message boards relating to Barrettes Esophagus. I am hoping that I can find others who may have this disease who may be able to share some information with me. I was diagnosed with this about 3 years ago after lots of heart burn and then an endoscopy procedure confirmed it. I've been on Aciphex ever since then. My last endoscopy which was done last June showed no signs of those precancer cells now however I was also told that this precancer condition does not go away totally. I was told that this will have to be treated for the rest of my life so those cells won't return. Now my insurance company has refused to pay for the Aciphex and I'm worried that my barrettes will return. I am told that I have to have an endoscopy done very 2 years to make sure those cells don't turn into full fledge cancer. My grandpa died of esophagus cancer so I am wanting to keep a step ahead of this. If anyone has any information on Barrettes, Aciphex, etc. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!!!!!