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Wow Jen!!! Your story sounds EXACTLY what I am going through!!!!! They have me diagnosed with both Addison's, POTS and RSD (in both my right elbow and the back of my head). I honestly couldn't believe reading your post...Almost word for word what I went through.

At this point, I am on TONS of medication. Here is what I am on:

* Nadolol - For the rapid heartrate that I get from sitting to standing.
* Prednisone - For the Addison's Disease
* Lamictal - For the RSD
* Methadone - For the pain
* Midodrine - For the dizziness for when I am up longer than 3-5 minutes (this I just started since Friday and it has been working great!)
* Mobic - For the extreme chest pain I have been having
* Aciphex - For the nausea that I have started to have
* I am also having Lidocaine infusions twice a week - they run from 2-6 hours per day. This has been the ONLY thing that has taken the pain away in my elbow. Once we stop treatments, the pain comes right back.

I am not sure that I can answer all of your questions, but maybe I can try to answer them by what I have been going through so far!

It is just nice to know that someone else has gone what I went through. I too thought that I was going crazy too because I saw so many docs that weren't able to tell me ANYTHING! They all thought I had an inner ear problem too.

Wow...Glad you are here...