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Thanks so much for explaining your story to me. Reading your background on POTS and dizziness and your history in general was eerie...it was almost EXACTLY like mine. I too got sick in 2003, at the age of almost 29, and my first sign of illness was a major vertigo attack. I too searched for answers from multiple neurologists before finally being referred to the Mayo Clinic, where my diagnosis of POTS was re-confirmed (it had been originally diagnosed at Johns Hopkins, which is here in Maryland where I now live) and Mayo additionally found I have Celiac Disease and Colitis, both intestinal diseases. I still don't know if struggling against those diseases is what brought on POTS, or if it was a very bad virus I had around the same time.

I think Addison's has been ruled out in my case, but I will double check that with my doctor. I am currently taking Pindolol 5 mg. daily, plus Aciphex for the stomach stuff. I'm still not able to function anywhere near normal, though. My pulse rate's down now, but I just don't feel well in general. I have lower back pain and tightness that makes it impossible for me to be on my feet for very long, and a 2 hour day feels like a 12 hour day. I'm only 31 so I can't understand how it is I feel this way.

Which meds are you trying, and how are you feeling in general these days? Any improvements? It's nice to finally hear from someone who also has POTS. I've always suspected I have other things as well, but that remains to be seen. Take care,