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Yes, a barium-swallow X-ray is the same as an upper GI.
You said you can walk...can you RUN for 5 minutes?

Isolating GERD from ischemic anigina is DIFFICULT even for the professionals.
Some good rules of thumb you can test at home if need be:
[list]Acid blockers like Prilosec, Xanax, Aciphex, Tagamet and even TUMS will work for the somack but not for the heart.[/list]
[list]Beta-Blockers and nitrites (inhaled , sublingual, or spray) will work very well for angina but do NOTHING for heartburn.[/list]
[list]Heartburn doesn't get worse as the heart speeds up with exertion, angina almost ALWAYS does.[/list]
[list]Sometimes after a meal you can suffer BOTH and then diagnosis is REALLY tough![/list]