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You are so helpful! Thank you! Now, I will try to go in order of your questions...although I am still confused as to whether I am diabetic or not. Before I got pregnant, the only thing I know is that 5 years ago, back in 2000, my fasting was 113, thus pre-diabetes. At 28 wks preg, I was diagnosed and my A1c was 5.9%...the sugars I mentioned were post preg. When my son was 7 weeks old, all of a sudden one day out of the blue, I could not get full AT ALL!!! No matter what I ate, and I knew I was at risk for diabetes, so I had actually stayed on the diabetic diet Joslin put me on, which was low carb, (usually 45g carb/meal)...And it has gotten better, then worse, then better....(the hunger)....and I would check my sugars 2 hours after meals and they would normally range anywhere from 140-90, usually around 120 on average. I never did take a 1 hour. What's that supposed to be? I don't always go low after a meal....sometimes though, at least it feels like it, there usually isn't time to take it. Since delivery, I've has 2 fastings. one being 111 and the other 118, so even with the hunger, which I know is a symptom, I'm not sure if I am or not b/c the fastings aren't high enough. He's doing another one, (in a BMP), as well as a c-peptide, GAB65-ab, and an insulin level. I don't believe I am overweight. I am 4'11" and weigh 116. I have lost about 15 pounds last last 4 1/2 months of this hunger though. (but I am exercising too). I only gained 25 pounds during pregnancy and he only weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. I drink a TON of water. I go through a 32 bottle case in a week. I drink NO soda and NO juice AT ALL (unless it's diet soda).
I don't really understand the hunger thing, since I always thought that was associated with high sugars...REAL high I mean. I didn't think 2hr ppg of 135 was THAT high....??? I am only on synthroid (the thyroid #'s have been within normal range, so that's been ruled out- been on that for 4 years) and Aciphex....a little someone also gave me a hiatal hernia, thus resulting in esophagitis....which reminds me....can I not have any more children???? er,,,rather SHOULD I not have any more :confused:
the glyset I've taken twice so far....has helped a teeny bit so far with the hunger and my 2hr ppg after those 2 were 101 and 116...the hunger isn't quite as GNAWING as it was, but it's making me nauseas...will this pass?
Thank you again so much!!!!