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I've been dealing with episodic RUQ pain since after I had my baby over 8 months ago. The pain is most definitley located under my right rib cage and "Shoots" through to my back under my shoulder blade. Sometimes it radiates up my chest to under my collar bone. Doubling up and sitting hunched over makes the front pain worse, lying on my back makes the back pain worse. I get moderate relief from lying on my stomach. The episodes have been gradually increasing in duration and frequency. I had an upper GI no ulcers, an u/s on all my right side organs which showed no stones and perfect liver, and a HIDA scan that showed remarkable liver function and a 51% gall bladder ejection rate. The odd thing is during the CCK part of the HIDA scan I began to feel the pain, and it's been even worse than before ever since the scan.

The doctor gave me darvocet, which not only didn't help much, but actually seemed to make the pain worse when I didn't take them. I'm taking fiber and aciphex, and have been for months. Nothing's working. I'm so tired of being in pain.....

I have an appointment for a pre-op consult to remove my gall bladder on Jan 4th. (The PCM said to keep the appt. even though the HIDA looked good.) Do you think they will do anything? The PCM did mention that sometimes the gall bladder can be diseased and inflamed but still function okay, just cause pain, but that it's pretty rare.

What do you think? What else could it be?