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I'm a nervous wreck. After about 1.5 years on different PPI meds (Aciphex, Nexium and Protonix (which I am now on twice/day) for acid reflux...I've come up with another problem. Leisons on my liver. In summary - about one year ago, I had my gall bladder removed after a trip to the emergency room from vomitting NON stop bile for a full day. The er did some blood tests which showed my white blood count was elevated, sent me for an ultrasound which showed gall stones and one large one blocking the bile duct. Had gb removed at that time. I still have occasional episodes where I get a pressure in my upper stomach accompanied by stabbing pains between my back shoulder blades. Doc tells me this is acid reflux and switches me to a different PPI med. Bending over and burping relieves it some - but, sometimes these episodes last for an hour. I get it about once every month or two. About six months after have the gallbladder removed, I started feeling this gnawing burning sensation in my upper right quadrant of the stomach where my incision was from the surgery - not a buckle over pain - but a burning sensation. Did a HPylori test, results=OK. Did bloodwork = OK. Did an abdominal X-ray = OK. After my general practitioner put me on two Protonix / day thinking it could be acid reflux - she sent me to a GI doc. He did a colonoscopy = normal (some IBS), and ordered a CT of the abdomen - 2 weeks after they called me back with results of the CT telling me they found 3 small leisons on my liver and ordered an MRI to further diagnose these leisons. I am a total nervous wreck!!! I didn't want to do the MRI over the holidays for the fear of what they might find. The nurse said it could wait and the doc said to get it done anytime. But, I decided to get it over with and am going on Friday. What could this be? I am so worried about cancer or something. I drink only on special occasions. And, try to stay away from meds - take vitamin daily and my PPI meds for the last 1.5 years. Has anyone gone through a similar situation like this with a follow up after a cat scan? Thanks for listening.