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I can't help you with the DDSI but I'm sure there are many here who can. I have not been able to work in a million moons ! I can't imagine being single with twins with this........bless your heart girl.

For pain I take : Traumeel (has helped me more than any single one thing that I can name - do a google search if your interested in reading about it, it's not a script, it homepathy). Then I wouldn't be without MSM and Fish Oil. Then a host of other supplements.

The drugs I take are: Ultram, (4 a day) a zanaflex when I need it, OR SOMA.....I switch between the 2. I take Aciphex and metimucil for the IBS
and a Lorcet for strong breakthrough pain.

I have other meds that I take PRN, but rarely. These above are the one's I couldn't be without.

I hope this helps with some info. :wave: