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I've been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and acid reflux. I know that I reflux quite a bit (I'm on Aciphex daily) and sometimes it really chokes me to the point I can't get my breath for a minute. Other times I feel like I have bronchitis or something going on in my lungs. I know it's not a cold because I have no head or nasal congestion. I do get a deep/hacky cough, a feeling of tightness on the right side of my chest with pain on the right side of my back. This time I also wheeze when I exhale. It's not severe or causing me not to be able to breathe but it is scarey. I don't get this often but I have gotten it off and on for several years. Once in a while I also get PVC's or I get rapid/hard feeling heart beats. I've worn a heart monitor, have ongoing esophograms, etc. but these wheezie spells, especially when I lay down, scare me. Does anyone have similar episodes. I guess it could be aspiration from my reflxx but I hope it's not anything going on with my MVP. Thanks for your help!!!! :)