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Is there a direct cause-and effect relationship between taking the antibiotic and getting the heartburn? Since you have sinusitis, I was wondering if you might have acid reflux to begin with. Sinusitis and chronic sinus problems are frequently caused by acid refluxing into the throat, which gets moved all around the sinus passages via the mucousy coating of the throat, causing irritation and sinus problems.

If you have reflux affecting the upper esophagous area, then it is feasible that upon taking a medication, it could cause a problem with your lower esophageal spinchter, causing heartburn.

Any chance that you have a chronic cough as well? And how long have you had it, and/or the sinusitis?

Sinusitis caused by acid reflux is treated with 2 doses of Nexium, Aciphex, or Prevacid daily.