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I am a 47 year old male that first experienced some mild chest pains 13 months ago and went to the ER to get checked out. I had all the tests including an echo, thallium stress and bloodwork, all was normal. I was released with instructions to follow up with my family doctor.

Saw my doctor and he diagnosed GERD and gave me Aciphex which has cleared up most of my symptoms. I recently had my annual physical and he asked about the chest pains and I told him I was still experiencing some pain on occassion. He did some blood work and found some elevated liver enzymes and had me go in for an abdominal ultra sound. Liver was fine but foud what they called a significant amount of sludge and gravel in my gallbladder. He also refered me to a cardiologist for the chest pains to be safe.

As I was a new patient, the cardiologist had me repeat the test from last year, echo, thallium stress and bloodwork, all came back normal, but these pains continue. Cardiologist does not want to do a cath as she feels the risk outweighs the likelyhood of finding anything significant based on two normal cardiac workups in 13 months and the lack of any other symptoms.

My blood pressure is controlled and my cholesterol numbers are all in the normal to optimal ranges but my Tri's are high at 350. I have no family history of early onset CAD and do not smoke or drink. I am 50 lbs overweight but have lost 30 pounds over the past 4 months. I walk 2 miles a day without symptoms or pain of any kind.

Any suggestions where to look next for the cause of these pains? Can the gallbladder issues be causing some of these pains?

They are somewhat mild but are a constant bother and worry. Any suggestions?