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I unfortunately have a similar experience as you. I had been taking antiinflammatory meds for 13 years (chronic pain) no problem, then bam one day I started having some of the symptoms you describe. I had to stop my prescription and now I'm in more severe chronic pain with no relief. Scared, I was terrified to stop since I can't hardly function without the meds. Since those types of meds are pain killers I was unaware that my stomach was in pain until I got so bad that I knew something was wrong. I always followed the directions on the pills to take with food, don't lie down until 30 minutes, never drank coffee or alcohol or spicy foods but still it has hit me like a lead balloon. I have yet to be seen by a specialist, still waiting but I'm taking Aciphex 2x/day and am able to eat although feel sick to my stomach sometimes. I was also burping and thought that carbonated water or ginger ale would help but that made it worse I know now. I hope niether of us have permanent damage. Dealing with so much pain is a drag.