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For over a year now, I've been having periodical bouts of nausea. It first began last February after an enormous meal and continued for about a week, but then disappeared for a while and came back rather infrequently throughout the Spring and Summer. In September-October it came back in full force, causing me to miss many school days and becoming a nearly constant problems.

Initially I saw my general practitioner and he diagnosed it as general anxiety, for which he prescribed Xanax to be taken as needed. While this controlled it for about a month, eventually the nausea returned and the Xanax did not seem to help. At this point I saw a phsychiatrist and he prescribed Lexapro, which had terrible side effects, then changed me to Remeron, which agreed with my stomach better. I was on that for about a month and the symptoms, while not as bad as before, still continued.

I had an endoscopy recently and there was some irriation of the stomach walls which initially led him to prescribe Aciphex for gastritis, to be taken daily. While I have only been on that for about 2 weeks, it has not seemed to help much. Initially, I felt much better after I began taking the Aciphex, but over the last few days I have felt horrible, with nearly constant nausea and often times the feeling of gas breaking when I lie down.

Recently my mother and the gastroenterologist has been suggesting that this may be a result of Celiac diesease, partially because of gas and what he called "mucosal flattening." When I looked this up, almost all of the results were referencing Celiac disease. While the recent problems I've been having seem to trace back to a day where I ate nothing but pizza and pasta (both with a good deal of gluten), I have always eaten a large amount of pasta and other wheat-based foods and often times I feel better after eating and the nausea is reduced, although not taken care of. Gas, while it has been a problem, only occurs periodically and usually only when I'm lying down, which seems to be a fairly common complaint, labeled "burbling." There is no history of Celiac in my immediate family, although a distant relative may have it. Likewise, nausea is not a symptom commonly associated with Celiac, and while the recent nausea has been accompanied by gas, normally it is not. Celiac would also not explain why the Xanax and Remeron seemed to offer some relief.

My question is whether or not these symptoms are, if not typical, at least indicative of Celiac Disease. I am going to talk to my doctor on Monday, but if none of this is typical of Celiac, I do not want to get blood work done, as I am terrified of needles. Thank you for your time and I apologize for the long post.