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The varied and strange symptoms of acid reflux....go visit the GERD board where you have lots of company.

The throat symptoms are from the acid geting into your throat. The systemic symptoms are probably related to esophageal acid.

So give it a chance - a lot of people go "nah, it can't be acid" well not all acid is heartburn. And there is a really easy way to see if this is the problem. Start on PPI med therapy - 2 doses of a PPI a day (Nexium, Prevacid, Protonix, or Aciphex). Start with Nexium. It's the "latest and greatest".
Go visit the GERD board and mention your symptoms - you'll find lots of company.

Read my old posts - I'm more of a larygeal (throat) refluxer, but there's a lot of info there.