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Thanks you guys. I will have to find a chopstick and a camera. Right now they are wired together. Looks odd but at least I can see.

My chest is hurting right now. But it will get better. I have had this before. I do sleep with my bed elevated and lately added a couple pillows. Some nights just end up in recliner. Once the meds get the hernia and stomach messed up it takes a good while to get it back to normal. My chest feels like a truck is sitting on it. It hurts.

Did hear from Dr Jemseks office today. They told me to take a break for the rest of this week and next week. Then go to Mon Wed and Fri. I am to take an aciphex AM and PM. Right now I'm not sure how it will go. I think the meds will cause a problem when I start back. Some meds I just can't take. The IV was a blessing in that way.

I appreciate Marshas Days, but hold off a week. I think I'll need it more when I go back on the meds.

Interesting, I have what looks like to large mosquito bites with a dark center in the middle. One on each leg. Yesterday I scratched the center out to make sure it wasn't a tick (lol) Today one is a little better, the other is larger and more spread out. The office told me that sounds like the Bartonella. The pin point red rash has improved just a little. But odd that I got these two other rash spots.

Just one more of the lyme uncertainties. I do feel like lyme has gained a little ground back in my head. The expanding foam.

Jeanne, I'm with you on sleep. I am getting maybe 3 to 4 hours of not good sleep. I just feel so tired. I did get ambien/cr called in. But even that wont keep me asleep when the chest pain starts. Even as bad as it has been I haven't had to take nitro. But even though it is not my heart, when it gets unbearable nitro is the only thing that will stop the pain. I have to take one about every 20 min when its that bad. Just another one of the things we all have to live with.

Like I told someone today. It would be so easy to complain and count my problems, but I try to count my blessings instead. You all my friends are one of my big blessings. Thanks for caring and listening to me when I don't count my blessings.

Prayers to each one of you....Marsha