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One PA (the same one I saw 2 wks ago came in when she found I was there today) and she is leaning more toward recent reinfection and increase in symptoms indicate that is more probable. Jemsek agreed two weeks ago that was possible. Saw 2nd PA (the one I was scheduled to see) Quest blood test didn't show lyme, but that was not surprising since I was on antibotics during this time. She said that the EM rash (still present but fading) could have been lyme saying, Hey I'm still here. No way to be sure. But the increase in symptoms definitely leave me with a few ???

I am to take a week off meds and then go back to Septra (which I had a strong reaction to) and try it again and continue the amox. I am to take carafate and aciphex to try and offset the chest problems/reflux?.

I am to try rocerem for sleep tonight. Have some samples. If it helps will have RX filled. (Jeanne I will let you know)

Still in the valley. Waiting for the mountaintop.

Prayers to all and still needed. Marsha