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A most miserable night. I tried the rocerem that is to target the area of the brain that helps you get to sleep. It did make me kind of spacy, but DID NOT work. (Jeanne, maybe you will have better luck) I think I dozed around 3:00 but couldn't stay asleep. Back to my ambien. It doesn't put me to sleep, but it does help me sleep once I get there. I am beginning to wonder if there is anything that will help.

I am also having reflux big time. Aciphex twice a day and carafate but I still had major problems all night. I think the rocerem compounded the problem. Once the reflux problems begin, it is extremely hard to get it under control. I did internet research today on what reflux diet should be. Did get some info that might help.

Any ideas on sleep or reflux is appreciated. I feel like roadkill at least a week old. :eek: