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This is silent reflux, called laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). You can rule out all the other stuff by starting treatment for the LPR. You need 2 doses of a max-strength Proton Pump Inhibitor Every day.

You can't cure this, but you can effectively manage it. The only doctors who seem to know what LPR is are big city ENTs and gastros, so you may need to be the one to tell your doctor "It's 2 doses a day, not 1 dose". There is a lot of information at the US government's pubmed citation database to back this up if they fight you.

You need 2 doses of 40 mg size Nexium capsules a day (for a total of 80 mg) or 2 doses of 40 mg Prilosec (prescription) or 2 doses of 40 mg generic Prilosec called Omeprazole.

There is also Aciphex and Prevacid. Don't bother with Protonix or Prilosec OTC.

Most people who start on the 2 PPI dose regimen experience significant relief within 1-30 days. Beyond that, it's a matter of controlling your diet and not smoking in conjuction with the meds. Yeah, you have to take them forever, but it's better than the constant hacking.