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Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). It's still early (3 weeks), but if it doesn't stop by 6 weeks, you should visit an ENT, get scoped, have the doc look for swelling and redness and inflammation of the larynx. If evient, immediately begin Proton-Pump Inhibitor meds (PPIs). Chronic cough is usually caused by a small amount of acid escaping from the stomach, traveling up the esophogous and splashing the larynx. Ph is 2, super-strong Hydrochloric acid, your larynx doesn't have a chance. Think acid can't travel backwards? That's what heartburn is too - the upwards reflux of acid from the stomach into the esophogous. Only with LPR, it's a smaller amount of acid that goes a little higher up.

Medical treatment is 2 doses per day of a PPI. Not 1 dose, but 2 doses. This is important. Heartburn patients get 1 dose. LPR is more stubborn and harder to treat - needs 2 doses.

Try the different PPIs in this order. If the first doesn't work, go on to the next one. The first two are truly the best:

1. Nexium
2. Aciphex
3. Prevacid
4. Zegerid
5. Prescription-grade Prilosec (not Prilosec OTC)
6. Protonix (not worth it)
7. Prilosec OTC (cheapest, and doesn't work at all for LPR. Works great for mild heartburn).

Do a little research on "laryngopharyngeal reflux" and you'll get even more answers.
Hi - About 3 weeks ago out of nowhere I developed a chronic dry hacking cough - no other symptoms except tickle in back of throat causing cough and then irritated throat from the coughing (not sore throat and NOT coughing up stuff - just dry cough). Lozangers and cough syrup didn't work at all. I noticed that I didn't cough at all at night but only during the day. The cough is worse sometimes when stressed (running a meeting at work), talking, or in certain positions like leaning over or sitting and bending my head down. I also coughed more around eating. Also worse when drinking sodas or apple cider. I had just started a diet after gaining weight this year and all my pants were very tight and restricting around the waist and very uncomfortable when sitting. On the diet I was eating very spicy foods - usually do eat lots of spicy food.

After 3 weeks of dry coughing and NOT developing cold symptoms or flu I went to the Dr. and was diagnosed with a type of Acid Reflux that doesn't cause the usual heartburn because the reflux is stomach acid escaping in back of throat - it is called LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) and it is not GERD - the acid reflux we usually hear about with heartburn as the key symptom. I have no heartburn at all - just the cough (many people with LPR do not have heartburn so don't think they have acid reflux).

3 days ago I was put on Aciphex (med. for LPR) and told not to eat or drink foods that cause stomach acid (no coffee, spicy foods, alcohol, fruit juices, tomatoes). After 1 day on the meds. my cough was gone!!! I couldn't believe it!! So for past few days I have had only a small tickle in back of throat after eating but if I straighten up my head it stops. I also am not wearing anything tight around my waist (Dr. said not to and so does literature on LPR). I am taking tums and chewing gum and taking Pecid ac (all recommended).

One other thing - I have had slight cold sensivity in my teeth (despite good dental care) and now read that this could be related to LPR - acid release at back of throat can affect teeth - acid eats away at enamel - but this is only slight and hopefully didn't do damage.

Hope this helps. I'm sure you plan to see your Doc. and see if this could be it. Might ofcourse be something else, only a Doc will be able to diagnose.