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Absolutely it can come from smoking - not just from lung irritation, but smoking has been long known to be associated with GERD - the condition in which the lower esophogeal spinchter muscle that connects your esophogous to your stomach malfunctions and lets acid up the esophogous. Often, a tiny little bit of acid will get up there and keep heading up towards your larynx. If the acid splashes your larynx, it's called 'laryngopharyngeal reflux" (LPR) which is a horrid condition, in which you develop typically a chronic cough. Some people get a "lump in the throat" sensation as their primary symptom though. Typically it's one or the other. LPR is usually a dry cough, with very little flem, which indicates it's not from the lungs. For a diagnosis, you see an ENT and ask "to be scoped". The ENT will look for a red and swollen larynx, which is formal diagnosis of LPR.

The coughing is your body's attempt to clear the acid off the larynx. Since the acid doesn't stop coming, you constantly cough. LPR can be managed by reducing the amount of acid in the stomach so that less acid comes up. LPR treatment is 2 doses a day of a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI)

PPIs are:

Don't bother with Prilosec OTC -it doesn't work for LPR.