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I went to an ENT on Mon. and he put the scope down my throat and said that it was red, and said I prob. have reflux and some allergies. ( I found out I have a deviated septum too)( I go back end of the month for allergy tests.) He put me on aciphex. I posted last week about having a sore throat just about every day for a month.

I know some of you get a sore throat, but if you look in your mouth is your throat red and up into your mouth? My throat and the roof of my mouth has been red for month. Every day even if my throat doesn't hurt it is red. I just started taking the med. yesterday but today my throat hurts soooo bad. Is is possible he missed something else? Or is this the way reflux is? My throat really burns today. but I don't feel any thing else that would feel like heartburn.

How long do these meds. take to start working?

thanks for the help!