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I started Imuran in 50 mg. increments about a month ago. The doctor told me to add 50 mg. each week until I was at 150 mg., and to take all three tablets at once if I could handle it. It turns out that my stomach cannot take it, in spite of heavy-duty GERD drugs (double doses of Aciphex). I tried splitting the dose so as to take 1/3 of it at each meal, but I get a debilitating bellyache from it. :( We'll see where to go from here. I can't stay on prednisone much longer, according to my doctor. It was hoped I'd be able to get off prednisone and Plaquenil (which quit working) and replace those two drugs with Imuran, but that's not in the cards it would seem.

I hope it works for you! Good luck,