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Whats up guys... 25 year old here, just thought I'd ask about my stomach condition, and see if anyone else had this or has an idea.. Well here's the story..

I drank some "bad" water at work, about 2 years ago, I mean, the water was sitting out for almost 2 weeks and no one told me. Well I drank some and after a few weeks I began to get bad stomach cramps, and diarrhea. No nausea, vomiting, or weight loss.I went to my doctor and he said it was probably a parasite and to get tested, but the symptoms went away so I never did the stool sample.

Well about 3 months later the stomach pains started coming back, with some diarrhea. No weight loss or vomiting, and my appetite was fine. I went back to the doctor and he said it was probably Acid Reflux, and which I took Aciphex.. I only took it for about 3 days, it wasn't working.

After that, the pains were off and on throughout 2005, and through early 2006, but not very bad. Just some days the pain was there, other days not. Sometimes it's in the upper part of my stomach, sometimes the middle, and sometimes the lower.

I went to a different doctor this past summer and I told him I thought it was a parasite but he said it probably wasn't. He sent me to get an H Pylori blood test done, which was negative. He also sent me to have an Upper GI test done, which didn't show severe acid reflux or any other abnormalties. I called the doctor back and she said if the pain persisted call them back.

Well, it's still off and on, but it's just the cramps and diarrhea. NO weight loss, no loss of appetite, no vomiting, or anything like that. The pains are typically in the early morning, with diarrhea. Usually after I eat something heavy before going to bed. But it's not been like this before, just until the stomach cramps appeared in 2004.

So I was just wondering, could it be that I have a parasite still, or could it be something else?