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I saw a doctor today because of flu symptoms. He said that he thought I had some virus.

I told him that I had black stools during the first 3 days of this "viral event" even though I had not been eating. I told him of being diagnosed with duodenitis several times in the past. He said that he thought I may have had internal bleeding and prescribed AcipHex Oral/20mg/1x/day.

Once I got home, I began reading on the side effects of the drug and have become concerned about some of the side effects such as: "The following side effects are associated with Aciphex Oral:"

Rare side effects:
Hepatitis - Severe
Bloody Urine - Severe
Fit - Severe
Periods of Not Breathing - Severe
Hemolytic Anemia - Severe
Acquired Decrease of All Cells in the Blood - Severe
Anemia - Severe
Deficiency of Granulocytes a Type of White Blood Cell - Severe
Decreased White Blood Cells - Severe
Decreased Neutrophils a Type of White Blood Cell - Severe

Does anyone here have an opinion or experience with the safety of this drug?

Any input is appreciated!

I was on this drug during treatment.

I developed unbearable heartburn at the beginning of my treatment. The doctors kep prescribing all these drugs for heartburn. Aciphex was the last and just like the rest, it didn't do anything for my heartburn. I don't remember having any side effects from it but I was having such a hard time with treatment that nobody could tell what problem was from what medication.

I don't know what duodenitis is but I do have a great remedy for those who have hartburn that isn't responding to heartburn medication....I read in an alternative medicine book about this.

Sometimes when you get heartburn it is not from too much acid in your stomach but not enough acid in your stomach. Lack of acid causes poor digestion which cause food to sit around in your stomach and eventually
cause refulx.

Next time you have heartburn that isn't relieved by any of your medications try taking a teaspoon full of either lemon juice or organic cider vinegar. Sounds crazy and vinegar was the last thing I wanted to try to relieve heartburn...but it worked. I would then take a tablespoon and add it to a full glass of water and sip this at every meal. Didn't have heartburn again. After a couple of months I tried stopping the vinegar and no longer had the heartburn.