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This is probably a lame question, but here goes. I am a 49 year old male, non smoker, no diabetes, controlled blood pressure (110/70) and cholesterol (Total 165, LDL 61, HDL 40 but high Trig's over 300) with no family history of early onset heart disease. I am 50 pounds overweight but have lost 50 pounds in the last 10 months. I had complete cardiac work ups each of the past two years, once in February 05 when I had first had some slight chest discomfort and again in March of 06 when I had an annual check up with a new cardiologist, who wanted to repeat the tests from the previous year as I was a new patient. Both work ups included echos, Thallium stress tests and bloodwork, all came back normal both years.

Additionally, I was diagnosed with RA by a Rheumatologist 6 months ago and it was determined that the RA was most likely the cause of the pain in my chest by affecting my intercostal joints. Other than the RA and the occassional PVC (always had these), I have had no new sypmtoms since my first workup in Feb 05. I continue to loose weigh with lifestyle changes and exercise. I exercise daily by doing at least 3 miles a day on the treadmill in 45 minutes without any symtpoms or discomfort, could do more but that's about as far as the arthritic knees will go at one time. Most all of the chest discomfort I had two years ago is gone with the RA meds. I am currently on Plaquenil for the RA (I do take Celebrex and Hydrocodone 5/500 during extreme flare ups), Benicar HCT 40/25, Vytoren 40 mg, 81 mg of ASA, Omega 3 and Aciphex for Reflux.

I have my annual visit with my Cardiologist next week and I feel she may want to repeat the tests yet again. I don't really want to go through additional testing because I know that the more times you test the chances of a false positive test increase which may lead to unecessary invasive procedures like possibly a cath. In reviewing some of your posts, I read a considerable amount of experience in your responses so I am interested in your opinions, how often should these tests be repeated? Should they only be repeated with new symptoms or on a regular basis?

Please let me know your thoughts. Right now I feel I will push back on any additional test for now but I would be interseted in you input.