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CreazyforLife (gee, two VERY different ways to interpret that name :D:D:)

You need, like so many it seems, to make a judgement: Is that chest pain angina or GERD.
A LOT of good evidence can be gotten from a fast 5 or 10 minute run...I seem to be typing this a lot lately. :D Angina will usually make it's ugly face known pretty quickly if your problem is cardiac.

On the other hand, GERD is usally improved MARKEDLY with a couple weeks of Zantac, Prilosec, Aciphex or even daily Mylanta.

Another good diferentiator is the ability of a dose nitrate/nitrite to stop angina pretty quickly on the spot...but they are usually Rx unless you know somebody with some poppers. THus nitrate can be a good diagnostic tool.