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Not sure if those last questions were directed at me or Lenin. My dad (81) has congestive heart failure and his breathing is more difficult when he is filled with fluid, which is relieved by a diuretic.

I've seen his medical issues and after developing my own health issues decided I've lived a sedentary lifestyle too long so want to try to improve on that. Started walking 20 minutes on the treadmill daily and after a week bumped it up to 30 minutes. Would be bumping it up to 40-45 by now but 30 minutes of sucking for air is enough right now. (It is not that horrible, just uncomfortable.) A few years ago I used to do an hour with no problem (most days of the week, not everyday). I do also experience fatigue much quicker than I should just from cleaning house or other chores, but it is more the shortness of breath that bothers me when walking.

I am hypothyroid and know that in itself causes shortness of breath and fatigue. I don't think my meds are quite where they need to be so hopefully soon I will get my meds leveled out and everything else will fall into place. I was hoping to get off the other meds (Toprol XL, Aciphex) when my thyroid leveled out but guess I could live with a diuretic as well.

Lenin - I had cut back on alot of my salt (no chips or french fries, etc.) but have had some homemade soup the past couple of days that I still think has plenty of sodium in it.

You didn't mention you were taking aciphex in your intitial posting--side effects include breathing problems, bloating, weight gain for starters---

Toprol also lists breathing problems as a possible side effect.

Although you may not have experienced breathing problems when you first went on these drugs, it is possible to develop side effects months or years afterwards. I would check with my doctor and my pharmacist for more info...and then do a little research on the side as health care providers can't know everything.

Oh, and soups can have LOADS of sodium in them.