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I feel so sorry for you... Please give this a try how much it will help with your breakouts... I drink WATER from the health food store called. ALKALINE IONIZED WATER!! I started using it.. because of acid reflux... and i was on aciphex for it but... It wasn't until i started drinking this water that i had relief... But to my surprise my acne on my face cleared up... it is a mildly alkaline ph balanced to neutralize acidity. It's high in oxygen.. which will help to get more oxygen in your blood stream... It taste like water... just put it on your face, with a cotton ball, if you have breakouts...I am telling you the stuff is amazing... One night I had a reaction to latex...I put the water directly on the red swollen, itchy area.. within minutes.. I found relief... the redness vanished... and my face is so clear... I drink lots of it.. and i have been doing sooooo much better... I hope it works for you... Let me know.... :)