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I have shortness of breath...not all the time. Mostly in the house. Feels like someone is pushing on my thorax and I cannot seem to get a full satisfying breath of air. This comes and goes. This has only happened within the last two months (I am 69 and have never been allergic to anything before that I know of). I had CT scans of my lungs, Nuke stress test for my heart, and all the PFT (pulumonary function tests). Everything is clear. No Dr. told me that I have asthma, but no Dr. told me I might have allergies. One Dr. has me on Aciphex for acid reflux (tho I have no heartburn). What do you people out there think about allergies....are these symptoms similar. Would Benadryl be helpful to combating this problem. Any help would be appreciated. I am about ready to get allergy testing...think I should???