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Yes I am on Astelin spray and Clarinex-D tablets. They clear up my sinus but do nothing for the chest pressure and shortness. I also am taking Aciphex for the reflux, but apparently that is not my problem. Question, if a person gets away from the causes of their allergies, how long does it take to not have symptoms. I am going on a cruise for 9 days, no cats or dogs, hopefully no household mold. Should I improve if allergies are the cause???
Well back from my cruise...it was great. Absolutely no chest problems what so ever. I ate at the second sitting 8pm every night for 9 days and forgot to take my aciphex a couple of times....no problems at all. So I am ruling out acid reflux as my problem. I was using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea which I also thought might be causing the problem (sorry I forgot to mention that in my previous posts). However, when I got home I went to my daughters house (dog sitter) and would you bet I started to feel some chest funnies....guess I know what is the problem. Now my question is.....get rid of my dog (love her so much) or start the forever shots. Tough choice....but I certainly don't like struggling to breath. Anyway its been a long search to find the culprit, but I think I am finally there. Thanks for the feedback from the forum...it has ben very helpful.