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[QUOTE=mkgbrook;3237250]Don't know about inflammation of the stomach for sure.. I know drainage or post nasal drip can cause GERD, LPR, and nausea. When excess drainage hits the stomach it causes the stomach to trigger and produce acid.. only problem with the drainage and the newly generated acid is.. the drainage will not be digested and thus neutralizing the newly added acid. So the volume and concentration of your stomach acid increases.. eventually this acid gets to such a level it percolates up and down your esphogus and even into your sinuses.

If you are refluxing in your sinuses this can increase the sinus aggravation and drainage. So here are a few more questions for you. Did you GI diagnose you with GERD or LPR? Do you have allergies or have you been tested for allergies? What was the exact sinus surgery performed?

If say you had a sinus blockage of some form or fashion and thus was unable to drain properly.. a surgery to remove said blockage would then allow a previously unknown tendancy for post nasal drip to go with out notice. Once open.. niagra falls. Acid Reflux, stomach and sinus irritation, etc.

Are you on an antihistamine.. like zyrtec, a decongestant - psuedophedrine based, nasal steriod/antihistamine, acid reflux medication - nexium/protonix/tagament HB/Prilosec? If you are keeping you sinuses irritated you may be working with constant chronic sinusitis and thus suffering from the low grade fever as a result.


I have acid reflux disease and I am on aciphex for that. They removed swollen tissue from my nose and I had a deviated septum. I have been tested for allergies and it came back negative. But my doctor in Illinois said I have an over active something ( I forgot what it was) it has been many years ago, but I have been off of allergy medicine for awhile, but I do take Sudafed when it gets worse. I have really bad headaches and they tried many migraine medicines and nothing works. I go in for a MRI on the 10th so we’ll see from there.