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Im 54.
Had mine out 14th December.
4 small wounds and small sets of stitches.
Key hole
In Monday out Tuesday
Very painful for two weeks, ( that might be just me as my youngest is disabled with high needs)
Day before Xmas Eve, unbearable pain when breathing and under ribs, one of wounds infected. Double antibiotics and Ibropufen all over Xmas and New Year.
No after care advice....now searching here and everywhere for advice.
Very bloated, running to toilet etc, and gassy.....
and still have discomfort under right ribs !!!!!!!!!!!!
please don't tell me op was all for nothing...
I'm in UK going to see if Doc can prescribe Aciphex for me tomorrow....
My husband had his out 2 weeks ago and was told to eat how he wants from day 2. (I knew this was bad advice, but he liked the doc's advice better.)

So, at his one week checkup, his "acid reflux" is really bad and he was put on Aciphex. One week later, still pain and symptoms - upper abdomen pain, wakes him up in the night, pain on and off during the day.

He went back today and doc is not happy and said that the Aciphex would have worked if it was acid reflux alone. He now suspects BILE reflux, put him on Reglan and a pain pill and is sending him for a CT with and without dye to rule out pancreatitis.

I wonder if we didn't have great insurance if he would have been told to cut the fat in his diet? GRRRRRRRRRRR.

P.S. The horrible pain he originally had IS gone with the gallbladder removal. He had a 7% ejection rate from the HIDA scan, although ultrasound was clear. He didn't have stones, but did have crystals, whatever that means. He is 45.
I used previcid for a while and find it works the best, thuogh it is QUITE Expensive! I have a sample of aciphex to try as well........