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I'm sorry to hear that. :(

Just to refresh my memory... how long were you sick before you were diagnosed, and how long were you treated for?

I think these meds are just awful on the stomach. I haven't taken zithromax yet, but the Amoxy and the Doxy were just horrid. The amoxy gave me severe stomach pains, and the doxy made me extremely nauseous and caused me to vomit almost weekly (I suppose that's a lot better than daily :o ).

Have you been to a gastrointerologist to see exactly what you're dealing with? I mean.. I know the meds are hurting you, but have you had an upper GI or a colonoscopy to see the damage that's been done? (I had both right after I started treatment - on amoxy - and found out I had some issues.. they'd probably been there for a while before starting treatment, but I'm willing to bet the meds made things a lot worse). :( I was on Protonix, but it stopped working.. right now, I'm on Aciphex.

I hope you start feeling better soon. I hate hearing that you basically relapsed. Does the dr think you were reinfected? Or just that it really never went away? (And were you completely symptom free before stopping meds? Or just well enough to not feel the need for meds anymore?)

Sorry for all the questions.. :)