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I have been haveing this weird burning/ weak sensations on the back of my neck. It causes me to get bad head aches. Heres my story. When I was around 17 I hurt the back of my shoulder, to were when I twist it around it make a clunk noise. It didnt really bother me so I just ignored it.Now im 20 and just the other day it felt as if I slept on my bed wrong and a nerve from my should to my neck is pulling everytime I move my arm wrong which is causeing me a lot of discomfort. The weird thing is I have never had these weak pain in the back of my neck until I got off of a bunch of different anti acid pills, like nexium, and aciphex. By weak pains in my neck, I mean the back of my neck feals weak right around where my hair starts. Its really scareing me. So if anyone can help me and figure out what is wrong please help.:confused:. I have been to tons of doctors and they cant figure out what it is. So someone please help me. I forgot to add they did a brain scan and found nothing.