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Well not abdominal sickness. I had a flu and then a week after got bumps on my stomach--like little bites. My Dr thought POSSIBLE MRSA (but VERY unlikely) so I was put on Bactrim for 5 days. Then I had cosmetic surgery and was put on an antibotic for 7 days. Both of these cases happened within 3 wks. Then a few wks later I got the symptoms

The only meds I have been on for an ongoing basis is Aciphex for GERD.

No the rhuem did not mention the arthritis but did say I could have gotten some bug that would eventually work its way out. The thing is I also have muscle twitching now (all over my body that is getting worse) and the joint cracking seems to be worse as my pain is worse.
Did it cause pain or twitching? I was thinking maybe candida too. I was on meds right before it all started and take aciphex for gerd daily. Also have yeast infection.