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Yes, I have multiple conditions:
asthma, coronary disease (heart attack at age 37 Nov 06), high blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies, acid reflux, sleep disorder (due to pain) Chronic pain, depression, Dry skin on R, foot (due to a spider bite 10 yrs ago brown lecruse (sp), heat rash under breast (also quite endowed at least for my height 4'8"). There is a listing of all meds in the drug interaction forums as I am also concerned about the vast cocktail.

I started diabeties meds 2 yrs ago after the heart attack. Actos, and glucotrol. Actually my cardiologist had recommended the change of getting of actos, and changing my cholesterol med because the 2 were conflicting, and also within a years time I had gained 40-50 lbs. I then changed to Januvia and kept with the glucotrol. Each time I do my blood work my levels are always off. If the cholesterol is fine, then sugar is off and vice versa. Last couple of times I have shown an increase of liver enzymes, but the cholesterol is stable; but the sugar A1C had changed again. Fasting sugar is 94 and during the day runs in low 100's. usually not higher than 110. But the doctor didn't like the A1C numbers, so dr. change glocutrol from 5mg to 20mg per day (10mg 2x's daily) dinner and b4 bed, and added again actos 15mg because when I was asked about doing insulin 1 x daily I had declined. A1C came out 6.5 one time, 3 months later 7 and now 7.5 while other numbers haven't changed much ( I really don't understand stand what is going on, just know what numbers she told me) Either way, I still believe its the cocktail of meds I am on.

heart: cartia xt 120mg, aspirin 81mg, lisinopril 2.5mg, plavix 75mg, furosemide 20mg
allergies: alavert d
Constipation (due to meds): doc q lace 100mg, and senokotxtra
asthma: albuterol inhaler, spiriva, and singulair 10mg
diabeties: januvia 100mg, glucotrol 20mg, actos 15mg
acid reflux: aciphex 20mg
high cholesterol: crestor 10mg
sleep med (don't have name in front of me at the moment) Sorry, but if you like I can look it up for ya.
back and hip pain: ms contin 15 mg, es vicodin, flexmid 7.5mg
female problem (hormones and heavy bleeding): motrin 800mg
foot (and cream to help with the dry skin, and relieve itching
rash (nystatin powder)

Thing is I am on so much, and I don't feel I am getting the proper benefit of anyof them truthfully. Pain is out of control, can't sleep, asthma still flares up, still have acid reflux and heartburn, blood levels are never accurate or stable, constant headache, fatigue and frankly am frustrated with the pain in my back that is only getting worse. (am looking at a discectomy (3bad discs) in near future based on test I did last week.

Hope this helps clear up the remaining questions. I am just very frustrated, and truthfully everytime I wan't to weed off some, or most of these meds; the doctor is pushing more pills on me (yet admits if I was older this combo could have bad effects) Granted I am 39, but sheesh the vast amount of meds I am on is rediculous and truthfully I don't feel I need ALL of them.

2 years ago, I was only on albuterol, HCTZ, claritian, prilosec, and something for cholesterol. (though I did usually have on hand, motrin 800 (period) vicodin, and flexiril when back pain would bother me. At this point the motrin wasn't just for the period, it was also for the chronic pain. And frequently because of my job, or lack of transportation at the time I often over did it for my back.

My health has change dramatically in the past 2 years, where I used to love to walk, I am unable to stand or walk for more than 2 minutes without pain, numbness and weakness becomes unbearable. And franky just don't feel I am getting the proper benefits on the lot of meds.

I have considered changing primary doctors because of this, but am a little concerned about timing at the m oment as FINALLY, a doctor may have an idea of what is wrong with my back and looking at surgery soon. For the past 2 years they blamed the pain on fibromyalgia even though the MRI's had shown a herniated disc, and bulging disc. Primary was getting frustrating cause nothing worked in lessen the pain. Even what I am on right now (barely takes the edge off).

The type 2 diabeties came about since the heart attack in Nov 06.

I am just not ready or willing to use insulin at the moment unless I know for sure that is the right thing. I don't see how anyone could expect blood levels to regulated with this cocktail of meds. I still feel that there is drug interactions and no one, not even my pharmacist has been able to answer this question. I just don't understand why in the last 2 yrs my life has changed so dramatically. TO me, something just doesn't make sense and maybe perhaps the doctors are missing something, or concentrating on the various symptoms but not looking at the whole picture.