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Hello everyone. I was diagnosed hypothyroid 2 years ago and with adrenal fatigue about a year and a half ago. Felt better as my thyroid stabilized and have had some good stretches along with some bad. Currently running on another bad stretch now, feeling poorly for a few months now. Adrenal fatigue was only treated with natural supplements (Adreset) and I've had some major life stressors lately and wonder if this has been too much for my adrenals. Currently waiting for results of my last saliva test.

I just do not feel well and one of my biggest issues I believe is food digestion. Meals just seem to sit in my stomach. Also have battled acid reflux and was on acid reflux meds for the past 2 years but even that was not helping the heartburn. Was switched from Aciphex to Nexium, no help and was told to take 2 per day and then felt even worse. Decided to stop PPIs altogether and take digestive enzymes with my meals. Doc confirmed my problem could be low acid and not high acid and gave me a stronger enzyme to take with meals, but I have still been fighting the heartburn. Trying to limit carbs and sugar and add some probiotics but still just don't feel well. I also wonder if I am having issues with hypoglycemia or insulin resistance, but sometimes I feel worse after eating and I thought eating was supposed to relieve symptoms???

I'm wondering if these issues could all be adrenal fatigue related. Anyone start taking Cortef and notice that their digestion system seemed to work better? I wonder if I should push for a glucose tolerance test or if I should wait to see the results of the saliva test and if starting on Cortef to see if that helps. Of course I want to be better NOW.