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Hi Seversano: Good luck with your surgery and I wouldn't worry about having as many surgeries as I did, because I had very unusual things going on with my bone.

My fusions failed because I have a severe bone disease that wasn't diagnosed until after my 6th surgery. The surgeries failed because my bone is very soft and porous, and the fusions disentegrated after each surgery, making it necessary to repeat it because my physical limitations were out of control and of course intense pain. When the fusions failed they caused nerve, muscle, spinal cord and other soft tissue damage. The bone broke apart, literally, and imbedded itself into all I mentioned above, which had to be removed. I also had hardware fail for the same reason because my bone couldn't hold the screws. When that happened I had one screw go straight through my sciatic nerve and it stayed that way for apprx 9 mos. so the damage was done. I had many Drs tell me they have no clue how I withstood that pain that long, but c'est la vie, and I really don't know how I did it. At the time they couldn't figure out why I couldn't walk, sit or stand until they found the problem. On my last surgery they used cadaver bone with more rods and screws and so far it's holding, but I'm on a very strong daily injection of parathyroid hormone that actually grows new bone unlike the bisphosphonates (Actonel, Boniva etc) which only slows bone loss, which is used for severe osteoporosis, which is what I have.

This all started many years ago and spread out over a 28 year period, so I wouldn't worry about additional surgeries, but there is the risk of the domino effect after back surgeries which happened to me each time. Each time they repaired the spinal stenosis grade 1 I think, it started again at the next level up above each of the surgeries. I would never have another surgery unless paralysis was an option, but I heard that one many times also. I have to live with the stenosis, DDD, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, a facet joint problem, and permanent nerve damage, but it didn't completely destroy the nerve so I guess that's a good sign, except for the pain. I can't take nerve meds because I'm severely allergic to them and I have glaucoma so they really mess up my eye sight among other major probs.

So don't worry about it, my situation was strange, to say the least. I also had many other problems but it would take too long to explain, and I don't really like to talk about it; dealing with non stop pain this long is very tiring, and changes every aspect of your life completely.

Good luck and don't worry...:angel: