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[QUOTE=BlueAtlas;3322373]My ob/gyn manages my osteoporosis, but both my family doctor and my ortho surgeon oversee my back. Fosamax has been very good for me, moving me from osteoporosis to osteopenia. My ob/gyn takes care of all that, but it was my family doctor who thought to check my vitamin D levels when I went to see him for something unrelated. My levels were low, which might be part of the osteo problem, and I'm now on a once a week bolus of vitamin D for the deficiency.

I would think both doctors would be involved. Your family doctor would be the place to start with other tests, and he can refer you on to a specialist if necessary. I'm not sure if the tiny fractures from osteoporosis would show up on a regular x-ray or not. Hopefully, someone else here does and will chime in.

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Thanks for the reply. I also take a once a week Vit D pill. My endo is monitoring my osteoporosis.
I just called the orthopedist that my Dad had, but he unfortunately is gone for a year, studying somewhere. Our local hospital said that there are no orthopedists now in town that deal with backs. (back surgery, I guess....)
I would have to go to Pittsburgh-- one hour away. I think that if my gyno today won't help me, then I guess I will start with my GP, at least for preliminary tests, before I go to Pittsburgh.
I went from osteopenia to osteoporosis after 15 months on Actonel.
If you don't mind me asking, what kind of back problem do you have?
Wow, after 15 months you're still going in the wrong direction? That's unsettling, to say the least! I started with Actonel, but my insurance company informed me after a few months that they were no longer going to cover it and to call my doctor and "tell" him he had to prescribe Fosamax instead. Maybe it's time to try something other than the Actonel. It's clearly not solving the problem for you. I hope your doctor listens well.

In a nutshell, I have severe scoliosis. Had my first fusion at age 18, still had pain everyday but less than before the fusion, had early onset of osteoporosis and lost 3 inches in height. Had a second fusion a little over a year ago to shore me up so I could get this body to last another 30 or 40 years. I hurt everyday, but at least I'm not in a wheelchair and I can enjoy my family and friends. I can't do everything they do, but that's okay. I do what I can, though I can no longer work. I try to count my blessings. That helps a lot!

If you've read any posts by Shawley, he has a doctor in Pittsburgh he likes. I think it's a real long drive for him, too, about 2 hours. He's been through the mill, but he found a doctor who's helping him. An hour must seem like a torture ride, but it'll be worth it to see the best doctor you can. Mine is about 45 minutes away and sometimes it's just brutal driving out there, but I wouldn't switch to anyone else. There are closer docs who could manage me at this point, but Dr. Van didn't give up on me when others did, so I'm thrilled to be able to continue with him. He's a treasure! So if your GP thinks it's time to go to Pittsburgh, please don't despair. Stop part way there and get out of the car for a while if you have to. You'll be glad to have a doctor who can really help you. I hope it works out for you.

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