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The first thing I would suggest you do is review everything you been doing since the first 'scratch' appeared.

For example: Any changes in ...

Exercise/activity - new/different types of movement?

Clothing - different fibres [some don't wick sweat away from the body; accumulated salts from sweat can cause a burning sensation];

Clothing - fit esp. around your arms/armpits;

Detergents/laundering - detergent build-up and/or additives can cause allergic reactions;

Soap, deodorants, shaving/depilatory products - any of these can contain ingredients that might cause either an allergic reaction;

Weight - if you are very overweight or have recently gain a lot of weight, this can cause more sweating and irritation from tight clothing;

Shingles - if you've had chicken pox, it is possible for you to get shingles which is a re-activation of the Zoster virus. If you do have shingles, see a doctor. There are meds that can help relieve the burning itch and your doctor can explain what you need to do to help prevent a recurrence. BTW, shingles flares, if caught within 48 hours, can be significantly reduced/shortened with a med called acyclovir.

Good luck,

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