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Thank you Jung for all the great info. I started taking MGN3 on Saturday, plus some additional amino acids. I had been taking olive leaf and grape seed extracts so I have continued with those two supplements. Since I have been taking the MGN3 I have been feeling better. I have ordered more of the MGN3 and wobenzyme plus a supplement called Pro Boost.
In addition, I have been taking Acyclovir anti-viral--2 tabs a day. I have not been tested for Lyme disease, but I live in Indianapolis and do not feel I am in an area that would point to that. I do have a very good diet. Plus I run 5 miles a day. I am seeing a physical therapist for some cranial therapy and she has a doctor that she would like me to see--an MD that deal with CF and takes a natural approach--use of supplements etc...
Again, thank you for the info--your suggestions have been very helpful and I my symptoms are lessening--especially the confusion, the dizziness.