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Hello everyone, and thanks for all the replies! Let's see, I took the pill at 9:00, give or take about half an hour. Occasionally on the weekends I'd take it around 10 or 11, BUT the last time I went to by OB for a pap, I asked him if this would lower the effectiveness and he said no. I mean, even in the pamphlet it says you only need a back-up method of birth control if you miss 2 pills in a row, so I figured if I'm just taking them an hour or so late, I was in the clear. I swear, I never missed a pill. The only medication I have taken the past 2 months is acyclovir for my cold sores, which is an anti-viral. I always thought that just antibiotics lowered the effectiveness. I'm just really upset because I had an abortion in April of last year, but my boyfriend and I were only using the "pull-out" method, so I wasn't as shocked. I'm really upset about this because after the last abortion, I swore I'd stay on the pill until I was ready to become a mom - I didn't want to have to do this again, but I'm not ready to have a child. I'm 24, I'm starting nursing school in January...I mean, I can barely take care of myself right now, let alone a baby. I went in yesterday to the clinic for my sonogram, and I'm 5 weeks. The nurse said they see a lot of girls on the pill that are pregnant. Now I'm going to be paranoid every time I have sex, since the pill obviously isn't reliable. Maybe I should switch pills? As of now I'm planning on resuming the Ortho Tri-Cyclen after my procedure (I'm doing the "abortion pill")